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Real Estate Development

With real estate development projects, "time is money." We can "kick off" your real estate marketing from start to "sold out" finish.

Law Firms

Creating comprehensive marketing solutions and enhancing a law firm's reputation in their community has been our "bread and butter" for over 25 years.

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It’s a challenging time to be in the healthcare marketplace. At no time in history have healthcare organizations relied more on marketing than they do today.


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Website Development Services

Website Development Services


Our Orlando firm goes beyond traditional PR and marketing by providing website development and maintenance options. Since your website is an extension of your company, it’s important you focus on the same branding tactics, marketing tactics, and social media connections that make the rest of your PR campaign such a success.


A critical feature of a website developed by us is that it incorporates a content management system (CMS) such as Word Press or Joomla—both of which have an SEO focus. A website that has CMS enables you to make small changes without having to use a webmaster or an expensive team of designers. Perfect for updating content or making adjustments to a new pricing plan, CMS is the newest in a long line of web development services geared toward the modern business. SEO, or search engine optimization, is how we ensure that users find you.


When you sign on for a website, you also get:


•    An appealing, streamlined design

•    Full range of photo selection

•    Analysis tools such as Google Analytics

•    Keyword research using our advanced SEO tools

•    SEO coding and development

•    Branding/logo incorporation

•    Blog content/updates

•    Professional copywriting

•    Social media syndication

•    Website hosting