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It’s a challenging time to be in the healthcare marketplace. At no time in history have healthcare organizations relied more on marketing than they do today.


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We are a leading provider of social media PR support and development. In today’s business climate, it’s no longer enough to reach out using the tried-and-true methods of the past—especially in a vibrant, constantly shifting area like Orlando. Today’s consumers want fast and easy access to your company, and they want it in the media they’re most comfortable with. That’s why your online presence is just as important as your physical one—and why we put so much focus in this area.


From blog design and management to social media strategy, planning and implementation, we can either work with your marketing and communications staff or handle it all for you.


What is Social Media?


Social media allows for interactions that bring companies and consumers face-to-face. Using computers, smartphones and email, sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter allow users to access your company 24/7. Your customers want interaction, information and involvement—and they want it all at the push of a button.


We approach every social media campaign the same way—with a focus on building an online platform that is both consistent and comprehensive. Whether users look for an instructional how-to video on YouTube or follow you on Twitter, you'll have the format they’re looking for. All of your information will be up-to-date and relevant for this type of consumer.


We create, maintain and syndicate accounts across the social media spectrum, including:


•    Facebook

•    Twitter

•    LinkedIn

•    Social News Sites (Digg,

•    Google+

•    YouTube

•    Blogs


When you hit these sites at the same time, you can increase brand awareness and customer loyalty on a viral level. However, this activity requires a time commitment, since online users require updated and relevant content daily. When you hire our firm to take on this commitment for you, we not only ensure regular updates, but we generate content with a heavy SEO focus that continues working in your favor.

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