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The PR services offered through Boardroom are only as strong as the partnership we build with your team. All of our clients have unique goals and objectives. We recognize the value of your team and we strive to refine our marketing and communications plans through constant client feedback and meeting your most aggressive business goals.


All of BoardroomPR's services and marketing options start with an introductory assessment of your organization's priorities and business objectives. We will evaluate your brand and give you our ideas on how it could be enhanced. We will provide you with specific solutions by implementing niche targeted news stories, media interviews and magazine article placements. We can also tap into the leveraging opportunities of the Internet by building your visibility in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!


Our firm is one of only a few Orlando marketing and public relations firms that have the resources to integrate traditional PR with digital and social-media marketing. We're excited to work with your senior staff and designated team members to leverage your time, staff and marketing budget to achieve your company's most ambitious goals.


Industries Served


  • Travel, Hotel Hospitality and Tourism Industry
  • Banks and Insurance Companies
  • Law Firms and Legal Service Providers
  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate
  • Insurance Companies, Associations and Agencies
  • Private education providers and schools
  • Financial Services Industry
  • Healthcare (hospitals, physician practices and medical centers)
  • Non-Profit Organization
  • Community Associations
  • Consumer Products
  • Retail Stores and Chains
  • Special Events
  • Technology and Software Developers


We can step in and manage a PR crisis or become your long-term business building partner.

Our experienced team has the best resources to handle your needs from day one and grow your business in your community for decades to come.


Real Estate Projects

Capital intensive and time sensitive real estate  projects  require a "launch pad take off" in PR and marketing. Our team knows how to create a fast ramp up in your projects sales.

Law Firms

Legal marketing and PR are very specialized and require years of experience to compete and win. For over 26 years, we have successfully served prominent Florida law firms.

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Medical facilities and practices require new marketing channels to grow and build their local brand.


Health Care & Medical Services





For over 26 years, BoardroomPR has been a regional and a statewide public relations and marketing firm specializing in generating local, regional and national publicity through media relations, social media, public affairs and  special events.


BoardroomPR is recognized as one of Florida’s top five PR firms with a local touch and a powerful, statewide reach. We have a fully staffed office in Orlando, FL.


Our highly qualified team of Florida based PR professionals are former journalists and marketing experts that have the skills and resources to accomplish your organizations marketing and communication goals. We are leaders in implementing a  broad spectrum of services to build your  business and brand, enhance your  reputation, or deal with a public relations crisis.

Julie Talenfeld -President


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